Frequently asked questions

Our service

It's simple.
Because The Gold Forecast's services are video based, our data, advisements and results are there for the world to see. Anyone can look at the past signals we issued and watch our daily show to cross check each trade. We take pride in the fact that we are as transparent or more transparent than any other service.
Moreover, Gary our host has 35 years of experience in field and often appears on popular financial networks.

In fact, more then half of our subscribers are from countries around the world other than the U.S.

We issue approximately 30 to 50 signals per year. You may refer to our track record table to see how many trade alerts we have sent out in the past. Each day, however, during his technical video analysis Gary Wagner looks at short term charts and explains where prices in the markets might go at any given point. Short term traders can take advantage of this.

Please e-mail us and we will try to arrange lower pricing.

Moreover, we provide a free version of our newsletter that is released Monday through Friday. It covers only fundamental news and commentary across main markets. You may opt in to receive it every day or once a week.

Please note that the free newsletter does not include our premium technical video analysis, nor any trade signal alerts that we provide to our paid members.

You may also watch free all of our premium content 14 days after the date it first appeared to our paid members.

We require a credit card or Paypal account in order to avoid spam and too many people taking advantage and creating trial accounts under different e-mail addresses.

That distracts us from our important mission of providing accurate, thorough trading information to our subscribers.

Of course, we hope you will become a subscriber to one of our services, but if for any reason you decide not to join us, after the free trial ends we will happily refund the $1 charge to your credit card or PayPal account