As expected, Chairman Powell held a press conference following the conclusion of this month’s FOMC meeting. However, one question, in particular, seemed to fluster the chairman of the Federal Reserve to a greater extent than other questions he is uncomfortable with.

The rally in gold spot and futures returns after a small two-day correction. On Monday of this week, gold hit a new high value at $2015 per ounce. It was approximately one year ago to the day that gold futures traded above $2000 per ounce. Gold traded to a high of $2077 in March 2022.

Yesterday gold futures surged to the highest value of 2023, however after trading to a high of $2014 gold basis is most active April 2023 contract closed well below the intraday high. The high achieved yesterday was not only unsustainable on Monday but led to a deep price decline today. Gold futures are currently trading off by 1.98% or $39.20 taking the most active contract to $1943.60.

Gold futures prices continue to dominate the attention of market participants with continued strong solid gains.

Gold futures surged to the highest value of 2023 taking out the former high of $1976 achieved in February. As of 4:09 PM EST, the most active April contract of gold futures is up $58.10 or 3.02% and fixed at $1981.10. Although dollar weakness contributed to today’s dramatic ascent it was only a small factor in a much larger picture.