Columnist at Kitco News and executive producer of the Gold Forecast Gary Wagner joins the show to break down the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, how it will affect Federal Reserve policy moving forward, and where gold currently stands in the face of this loss of confidence in the financial sector.

Presentation at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2023 Vancouver

Gary Wagner of the Gold Forecast breaks down the challenge facing the Federal Reserve in fighting inflation and what it all means for gold.

Where are the current support levels for Gold & Silver.

Why is gold trading the way it is? What do external factors have to do it?

Our guest Gary Wagner has the answers. 

 Guest: Gary Wagner, CEO & Producer YouTube: @Thegoldforecast

Gary Wagner of The Gold Forecast joins us to discuss the current and future outlook for gold and silver prices.

The gold price has dropped off in February, but remains much higher than it was just a few months ago. Even so, many investors are wondering then the yellow metal will reach a new all-time high. For Gary Wagner, executive producer at, inflation is the main factor to keep an eye on.